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Chef T

Thane Mallory

Thane was a”foodie” before there were “foodies”. His passion for international cuisine was sparked with his first year at Ryerson University, where he was the only student in some classes with English speaking parents. This exposure to culinary diversity in Toronto added fuel to the fire and a pursuit of life long learning of ethnic cooking.

While he has worked with some of the most successful corporate chain restaurants in product development and promotion, his heart was always in the kitchen.

Over the years, most of his toughest teachers have been grandmothers, mothers, and aunties in small kitchens from around the world. Everywhere he has traveled, Thane is more likely to show up at the back door of the restaurant than the front. He also has an education in classic french techniques. He was fortunate enough to be accepted into the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France for professional development. Ten people from around the world are accepted each year and Thane was one of them. He wanted to push himself by studying with the best in the world. All of his mentor chefs at Paul Bocuse have worked at Michelin starred restaurants.

If you would like to find out more about his adventures in France just go to: http://www.suittochef.com

Thane also believes in sharing knowledge, so follow him on twitter. He offers tweets on grocery deals, so you can shop like a chef.